United Airports of Georgia

Training Centre

1. Training Centre

Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

The Aviation Security Training Center, certified by the Civil Aviation Agency, is still functioning on the base of “United Airports Georgia” Ltd. since 2001, which carries out training of both aviation security staff, as well as other staff (whose functions are not directly related to aviation security) in the issues of aviation security, in line with the training programs of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

According to the applicable laws, the trainees, who successfully pass the training courses, will be awarded with a relevant document, a certificate or a reference of completion of training.

According to the Paragraph 7, Article 50 of the Chapter XII of the Aviation Security Assurance Program of Airport and the Paragraph 3.8.23 of ICAO Doc.8973,  both aviation security staff of aviation companies and the staff, whose functions are not directly related to aviation security, shall subject to general training before starting fulfillment of their official duties.

The training is carried out in the classrooms of the training center. The training slides and audio - video materials are demonstrated throughout the learning process.

The training center is actively cooperating with the regional training center of ICAO in Kiev, where instructors are regularly sent in order to enhance their qualifications and to carry out their certification in line with the ICAO standards.

Following courses are provided in the training center:

1) Basic training curriculum of the Aviation Security Service staff;

2) Training curriculum of other aviation staff (except for aviation security staff);

3) Training  curriculum of preflight control staff;

4) Training  curriculum of aviation security staff in the procedures of transportation of dangerous freight with air transport;

5) Basic training curriculum of flight composition and crew members;

6) Training curriculum of the drivers and other persons liable for approach of special vehicles to the aircraft.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Security Training Center of United Airports Georgia.